who we are

a whole lot of soul.

erica berg.  dreamer.  vocalist.


With a voice that’s a cross between Susan Tedeschi, Eva Cassidy and Adele, Erica has been singing in the Greenville music scene since 2008, and has built a steady following throughout the Upstate.  She's a musician first and vocalist second, beginning her music career on the saxophone at the age of twelve.  Because she spent her grammar school and college years playing her horn in bands and orchestras, she didn't know the extent of her abilities as a vocalist until 2007 when she began singing in a local church.  At that time she put her horn down to focus on singing, and it has been her passion ever since.

Erica is involved with several local projects at this time.  WineDown, her first band formed in September 2010, was a staple in many Upstate clubs and restaurants for several years.  Currently, Erica is focusing on her most recent project, The Erica Berg Collective -- soul, blues and rock at it’s finest.  Though The Erica Berg Collective is primarily a private event group, they can be found in Smiley’s Acoustic Café each month, playing at local city events, and are actively involved with Euphoria Greenville.  Erica is also a worship leader at many NewSpring Church campuses, does voice-over and vocal track work at Sit-n-Spin Recording Studios for many clients, including fête Magazine, and has built a reputation of kindness and professionalism within the Greenville music community.

She is a 2004 honor graduate of Erskine College. While at Erskine, Erica studied abroad in both Mexico and Spain and received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. She taught at Hillcrest High School for six years before pursuing music as her full-time career.

jordan tripp.  sound engineer.  disc jockey.

Behind the scenes of The Erica Berg Collective is Jordan, our lead sound engineer.  Jordan has always had a passion and love for music.  He started his career in music at a young age when he began playing the bass guitar.  In high school, he began volunteering his time on the production team at NewSpring Church, where he discovered his love and natural ability for live audio.

Jordan trained under professional audio engineers who have toured with and mixed for bands and artists such as Need To Breathe, Van Halen, Avril Lavigne, Matchbox Twenty, and many more.  From 2013 until 2015, Jordan was on the production staff at the Spartanburg and Boiling Springs campuses of NewSpring Church, and upon leaving NewSpring he joined The Erica Berg Collective in January of 2016.

Jordan also works with our very own Matt Morgan at Sit-N-Spin Recording Studios in Greenville, SC.

jonathan willimon.  disc jockey.  pianist.

Jonathan was born and raised in the Greenville area. Inspired by his mother who was a pianist, Jonathan began taking lessons when he was six years old. He went on to study jazz, classical, and symphonic style music during high school where he played trombone in several different ensembles. Jonathan went on to study Music Education at the University of South Carolina where he received a Bachelors of the Arts degree. During that time, Jonathan was the pianist and background vocals of the Greenville native group The Will. 

Currently, Jonathan plays piano at several campuses for Newspring Church, as well as the newest group of Collective Music Solutions, The Bridget Vogel Collective. He is also one of Collective Music Solution’s senior DJs where he gets to do what he loves best… get the party started! 

matt morgan.  producer.  lead guitarist.


When he's not playing live, Matt is a music producer and composer.  He owns Sit-N-Spin Recording Studios in Greenville SC, where there he records and produces local, regional, and national artists, as well as writes for commercials and film.  Some of Matt's latest film credits include the films Days Away and El Camaleon.  His producing/engineering credits include rapper DMX and Grammy winner Yonrico Scott.  Matt has also worked with commercial clients Wen Hair and Dover Federal Credit Union.

He is also the music editor for Fete, and online music magazine serving Greenville, South Carolina.

Matt has toured the United States extensively with award winning bands, including Seconds Flat and The Lackies, and has shared the stage with such artists as Christian Bush (of Sugarland) and Sarah Evans.

brendan williamson.  pianist.


Brendan Williamson is an American pianist who composes and performs jazz and blues music.  Williamson started his career at an early age performing with local bands in his hometown of Greenville, South Carolina.  His music education began in high school at the Greenville Fine Arts Center for the Performing Arts, followed by study at the University of South Carolina as a Jazz Piano Performance major.

He has been privately mentored by such renowned musicians as Keith Davis, Bert Ligon, and Steve Watson.  Williamson's career spans well over a decade with performances at some of South Carolina's most prestigious venues, including The Poinsett Hotel and the University of South Carolina School of Music Recital Halls in Spartanburg and Columbia.

sam kruer.  pianist + bassist.


Sam was born and raised in the central Kentucky area, and has been teaching music since 2001.  With a Bachelor’s in Music Composition and Theory from Eastern Kentucky University, Sam has a wide range of musical styles, genres, ensembles, and playing approaches.  Since the age of 14, he has performed in countless bands and groups, with musical genres including blues, rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, country, classical, Latin, drum corps and musicals.  Sam has performed with some great acts such as Carolina Chocolate Drops, Leon Russell, Florence Larue of Fifth Dimension, Grammy award winner Maria Schneider, Jazz Trumpeter Vince DeMartino, and former David Allen Coe harpist Harmonica Red.

Now living in Greenville, South Carolina, Sam can be seen in many different clubs and music venues playing with local and regional favorites like Tonight's Noise, Darby Wilcox's Peep Show, The Westbrook Trio, The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, The EKU Faculty Jazz, and Starless.

He plays many different instruments, including the upright and electric basses, rhythm guitar, piano, and percussion.

kevin mavis.  drummer.


Whether he's getting funky with The Erica Berg Collective, playing americana with Mountain Homes, The Frankness, Sarah Schaffer, or Alexa Woodward, or he's waxing blues and rock with The Eric Weiler Group, Cold Shot, Sly Sparrow or The Dirty Mixx, Kevin Mavis is always seeking ways to become more versatile.  Since he first began playing drums 27 years ago in his middle school band, Kevin's goal has been to play with as many different groups as possible.  He's been in marching bands, drum corps, orchestras, steel bands, salsa bands and jazz combos; he's even played snare drum for Scottish pipes!

Now, Kevin brings his versatility and breadth of musical experience to The Erica Berg Collective... and the music world will never be the same.

steve richards.  writer.

KevinMavis 2.jpg

Steve is unabashedly Erica's number one fan, her dear friend, business advisor, and song writing collaborator. He is responsible for giving Erica her first opportunity to sing publicly with the band WineDown back in 2009; this one act led her to where she is today - a full-time, working musician!  (Thank you, Steve!)

Not only is Steve a good man, but he's an exceptional bass player.  With his exquisite timing and solid rhythm, Steve's bass style is unmatched.  Truly, he is the glue that holds the music together, while making it totally groove.

Steve can be found performing in and around Greenville The Eric Weiler Group and The Erica Berg Collective.

When he's not performing, he's at home enjoying his wife, children, and new grandson, Beau.